Santa Barbara, California
Another beautiful, dog friendly beach just 15 minutes South of Santa Barbara.  
It's a little tough to find, so pay attention to these directions:  Off of 101S exit Summerland, go straight at stop sign (do not turn right into Lookout Park), keep going straight until you are about to get back on 101, there is right turn across the railroad tracks just before the highway exit.  Drive across the tracks and turn LEFT, park along the right side wherever you find a spot.  Entrance is a sloped driveway halfway down the road.  Doggie bags and trash cans provided.

This beach is not 'officially' offleash, but most dogs will be offleash.  Keep your leash handy in case you run into other leashed dogs, families, etc....

If you really need a bathroom, leash up your dog and walk north to the Lookout Park entrance, where there are bathrooms, a park and grills.

This beach is beautiful and remote.  You have to park about one block away, and then it is still a 1/4 mile hike to the beach stairs.  These stairs are steep, and while they are easy for dogs, they can be challenging for owners.  

This beach is dog friendly and mostly offleash. However, you may encounter horses, kids, nudists, etc... on the trail and on the beach so be prepared to leash up when necessary.

I find this beach to be most relaxing before 9am or after 5pm.  

You can walk all the way to Hope Ranch Beach from More Mesa, and this area is definitely not off leash.  However, there are bathrooms and a nice place for dogs to get a drink.

This park is about 10 minutes from downtown SB.  It has a great, moderate on-leash hiking trail that borders a fully fenced dog park.  It is right at the intersection of Turnpike Road & Foothill Road.  This is one of the nicest dog parks I have been to.  It is especially nice if you have kids because they can play on a small playground with swings and a slide that is about 100 feet from the dog park so you can watch them while you take care of your dog.  There are pretty nice public restrooms here too.  This dog park does not have a separate area for large and small dogs, but it is a large area.  

Tuckers Grove is a very large park.  When you turn into the main drive right turn right and keep driving all the way to the back of the park to find the trail and dog park.  You will pass through a gate to a smaller parking lot where you can see a paved trail.  Park here and then walk about 5 mins down the paved trail and across a grassy field to the gate for the dog park.  For the trail, there is a separate gate outside of the dog park on the left that leads to a dirt trail the follows the creek and winds up a forest trail.  Watch out for poison oak!

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Where's the Beach?
Click here to check the tide chart .  I always find it is best go when the tide is 4ft or less. Click here for a guide/map to Santa Barbara beaches.  The only beach that is officially off-leash is Arroyo Burro which is described below, however there are other beaches where you will find many off leash dogs as well.

Locals know this beach as Hendry's for the old restaurant here.  Now, there is a new restaurant, The Boat House, it's pricey, but great food and sunsets!  Dog lovers go for the great off leash fun for dogs. 

Head down the steps to the beach and turn left.  100 yards, just passed the slough, is off leash dog territory.  Great tide pools here at low tide.

Doggie bags are provided near the stairs to the beach, and their is a dog wash station in the parking lot.

The Boat House restaurant is at this beach also.  It is not dog friendly, but you can let your dogs rest in the car while you dine with an ocean view.
Off leash walking and hiking on the cliffs above Arroyo Burro beach.  This is a beautiful park full of Eucalyptus and Cypress Trees.  It's a nice place to let your pup roam when you don't feel like going to the beach.  However, there is a steep cliff this is not fenced off so I don't recommend this for puppies or rowdy types.

This is a nature preserve in Goleta, about 15 minutes North of SB. 

Dogs are allowed on-leash, but you will see some dogs off-leash as well. 

Easy and free parking can be found right off of Hollister Avenue, and the dirt trail starts there.  

The trail meanders through a forest of Eucalyptus trees to the ocean.  Small signposts with Monarchs on them show the way to Butterfly Grove.  This preserve is famous for the monarch butterflies that visit by the thousands mid-November to mid-February.  During this season the trails can be very crowded with school field trips and tour buses, but it is a beautiful place not be missed!

The beautiful SBBG is accessible for dogs on leash with paid admission or an annual membership.  This is a trail not to be missed!  A beautiful trail winds through a variety of grassland, forest and a creek.  There are 5.5 miles of pathway to explore, and with each step there is something beautiful to see.  I recommend good shoes and a bottle of water if you plan to take in the whole garden.  There are nice benches throughout the garden where you can take a rest or have a picnic too.

This trail would be challenging for hunting dogs who tend to lunge at birds, squirrels, lizards, etc...simply because there is so much scurrying and fluttering wildlife in the garden.

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