​  Love My Beach Dog was established by the Shields Family in 2012. First came our love of dogs, and we realized we could never volunteer or donate enough to help all of the homeless dogs so we started a business to help raise money for dog rescues and shelters.  

​  We travel from beach to beach with our dogs up and down the California Coast, and we post our favorite places on the site too.  

  Previously we sold the amazing Beach BBQ Bites chicken and beef jerky treats.  In August 2016 we lost our USDA supplier for the jerky.  We were not able to find a new vendor that could offer the same quality jerky so we had to discontinue it.

  We are researching new beach dog products we can offer and still donate profits to dog rescues and shelters.  Please email us if you have any ideas at lovemybeachdog@gmail.com ,
Any products you purchase on this site we donate 20% of our profits to selected rescues and shelters.

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